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Nidec introduces two new double-column machining centres

Posted on 08 Dec 2023 and read 1311 times
Nidec introduces two new double-column machining centresNidec Machine Tool Corporation, a Nidec Group Company, has added two new double-column machining centres to its line-up — the MV16BxII and MV12BxII. Both the MV16BxII, a 1.7 x 2.2m unit whose Y-axis movement is 400mm wider than the MV12BxII (its predecessor launched in February this year), and the new MV12BxII, a 1.3 x 3.m machine whose X-axis movement is 1,400mm wider than the its predecessor, are both available now.

The new compact models are capable of a best-in-class fast-forwarding axis speed of 32m/min, shortening non-machining time significantly. Additionally, using the ECO operation technology to save power and reduce running cost, these highly productive and energy efficient machines are suitable for a variety of applications.

The MV16BxII is a compact double-column machining centre equipped with a No 50 main axis; it has a maximum main axis rotating speed of 7,000min and fast-forwarding speed of 32m/min for each axis (Ⅹ, Y, and Z), to shorten non-cutting time. In addition, to accommodate heavy work pieces for machining, the MV16BxII’s maximum loading weight is set to 8 tonnes. Furthermore, with three lines of linear guides on its X axis, the machining centre has a high-rigidity structure than can suppress deflection, and it is capable of stable machining even in high-speed operations.

Meanwhile, the MV12BxII, the other new model, retains the same basic performance as its predecessor, but, to handle long workpieces, has a 300mm long table and a maximum loading weight of 5 tonnes. Both models are capable of handling larger workpieces and operate more productively than the previous model MV12BxII which had a bed size of 1.3 x 1.6m.

As is the case with all the other models in the MV-BxII series, the MV16BxII and MV12BxII use the all-axis ball-screw axis centre-cooling technology for high-precision machining, while their double-anchor mechanism ensures both high-speed movements and high rigidity. These features enable the two models to demonstrate high deeper-cut performance and accuracy, and achieve high productivity in rough through-finish processing.

Furthermore, for ECO operations common to all the MV-BxII series models, the new additions to the range feature electric power units to significantly reduce electric consumption, and use grease for their main and feeding axes to reduce the running cost of air and lubricant, while decreasing workload during component replacements.

Both the MV16BxII and MV12BxII were developed jointly with Nidec OKK Corporation, which specialises in small- and mid-size machining centres.