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New multi-function thread-milling cutters from Walter

Posted on 17 Dec 2023. Read 1855 times.
New multi-function thread-milling cutters from WalterRecently launched by tooling manufacturer Walter are the Thrill·tec thread-milling tools, which combine the machining steps of core-hole drilling and threading in a single tool and operation. Furthermore, the company’s TC645 Supreme circular drill/thread mill can additionally produce a chamfer at the thread entry, making this a three-in-one thread-milling cutter that is equally suitable for mass production and small series alike.

Walter says: “Mass producers benefit from long tool life and short machining time, while the ability to multitask results in fewer machine shutdowns for tool changes. For small-scale manufacturers The TC645 Supreme pays off because they only have to use one tool, therefore reducing tool changes as well as machine slots.”

Contributing to these left-hand cutting thread-milling cutters’ multitasking capabilities are the milling geometry on their face, and the internal coolant supply; these are optimised for chip removal, even at high cutting speeds and feeds per tooth, allowing their use for blind-hole and through-hole threads in dimensions of 2 or 2.5xDn.

Furthermore, the use of Walter’s own coating in the WB10TJ grade allows these universal thread-milling cutter to be applied in ISO materials P, M, K, N and S up to 48HRC, with fast machining and reduced indexing times helping keep the cost per thread relatively low. Walter is initially offering the TC645 Supreme in the sizes of M4-M12, UNC8-UNC1/2 and G1/16-G1/4; there are plans for other versions.