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‘Convenient and cost-effective’ access to compressed air

Posted on 29 Feb 2024 and read 833 times
‘Convenient and cost-effective’ access to compressed airThe new Contain-Air solution from FPS Air Compressors has been designed to ‘transform the way companies gain quick and economic access to compressed air systems’. A turnkey product, the Contain Air portable compressed air room arrives on-site pre-installed and ready to use. FPS says: “This system avoids the complex installation, high costs, and considerable space demands associated with conventional compressed air systems — and it streamlines the entire installation and commissioning process.

“By integrating all components into one compact unit, the new containerised solution reduces the need for on-site assembly and minimises the risk of errors. As a result, any facility with a requirement for compressed air can begin using Contain-Air immediately upon delivery, thanks to its connect-and-go capability. This system requires only power and connection to the air network to get started, ensuring seamless integration into an existing infrastructure.

“Moreover, the complete compressed air station includes all the air treatment necessary to meet the demands of any air quality standard, including industrial, food production, medical, scientific instrument, breathing air — and more; and as well as new installations, the system will suit companies experiencing a compressed air bottleneck or unexpected compressor downtime.”

Available in oil-free and lubricated formats, this compressed air cube offers working pressures in the range 6 to 400 bar, capacities from 1,500 to 20,000 litres/min, and installed powers from 11 to 160kW. Furthermore, each self-contained unit features lighting, ample service access, heating, and ventilation. They are also weather-proof and extremely durable.