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Atlas Copco launches the world’s first dual-speed compressor

Posted on 15 May 2024 and read 581 times
Atlas Copco launches the world’s first dual-speed compressorGA 11-30 FLX oil-injected dual-speed compressor

Global company Atlas Copco Compressors has introduced the world’s first dual-speed compressor, the GA 11-30 FLX. Positioned between fixed-speed compressors and those with variable speed drives (VSD), the GA FLX gives compressed air users a third option. Thanks to the dual-speed technology, the start-up peak, unload power and transient losses are significantly lower than other fixed-speed compressors. As a result, the GA FLX consumes up to 20% less energy, positioning it as the most energy-efficient fixed-speed compressor within the portfolio.

Atlas Copco engineered the GA 11-30 FLX to meet increasing market demand for more energy-efficient products. As a result of the energy crisis during the winter of 2022, the market is now more than ever aware of the financial benefits of a more sustainable product that can deliver substantial energy savings while minimising environmental impact.

With its dual-speed drive train and motor, the start-up peak, unload power, and transient losses are significantly lower compared to traditional fixed-speed compressors. This means that up to 20% less energy is needed, and since compressors use up to 5% of energy worldwide, this compressor reduces global impact and environmental footprint. Moreover, the GA 11-30’s drive train set can be placed vertically, making the compressor’s footprint much more compact, therefore, maximising available space.

Sustainability and innovation

Ben John, business line manager, Industrial Air, emphasises the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation: “At Atlas Copco Compressors, we are dedicated to shaping a more sustainable world through innovation. The GA 11-30 FLX showcases our commitment to meeting customer demands for more energy-efficient compressor solutions.”

The GA 11-30 FLX uses its power optimally to deliver as much air as possible at all set pressures, therefore using energy more efficiently and, consequentially, operating more sustainably. This ability to deliver optimal flow at all different pressures is what makes this compressor so unique.

Mr John continued: “Our customers’ insights have been taken into account and proven instrumental in every phase of the compressor’s development. The in-house design of key components reflects the seamless collaboration among our cross-functional teams and colleagues globally.”

Furthermore, customers have the option to enhance the GA 11-30 FLX’s capabilities at a later date through a software upgrade to Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, which can be carried out remotely. By analysing the first 1,000 hours of operational data, the built-in controller calculates how much further potential energy savings could come from switching to VSD, thereby enabling customers to make informed decisions based on their actual operations, rather than on general assumptions.