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Unison launches new service for Addison tube benders

Posted on 15 May 2024 and read 496 times
Unison launches new service for Addison tube bendersNorth Yorkshire-based Unison Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of tube-bending machines and the inventor of all-electric tube manipulation, has introduced a ‘refurbish and re-control’ service specifically for Addison tube-bending machines. The service has been designed to provide owners of Addison tube benders with a cost-effective, quality assured means of upgrading their older machines with the latest operating technologies, for enhanced levels of control, productivity and performance.

It involves the use of Unison’s latest servo-drive platform, new control and drive chassis plates, a replacement machine controller, an updated safety PLC, and a new Windows 11 PC running the latest version of Unison’s advanced Unibend CNC. All replacement parts are covered by a comprehensive warranty, and a full machine inspection and condition report is also included. A detailed quotation is provided prior to work commencing and additional operations can be included if required. Back in the autumn of 2022, Unison recruited a number of former key employees from the recently defunct Preston-based Addison Forming Technologies Ltd (previously known as Addison McKee).

Alan Pickering, Unison’s joint managing director, said: “With new Unison technologies in the pipeline and exciting long-term strategic plans, our aim at the time was to employ as many of the former Addison emloyees as we could justify, in order to keep their considerable skills in the UK. It was a move that helped grow our consumable tooling offering in particular, as well as expand our reach both at home and overseas.

“However, talking to users of Addison tube bending machines over the last 12 months or so has made us realise that there is a very real need for a refurbish and re-control service tailored to Addison tube benders. After all, many of these machines have been in operation for a good number of years. Additionally, not all owners have the desire or the budget to purchase a new tube bender. With these points in mind, we set about creating a refurbishment and re-control offer specifically for owners of Addison models.”

Remote access

Re-controlled Addison tube-bending machines benefit from Unison’s proprietary Unibend CNC. This Windows-based system enables ease of setup and network integration of various coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), while existing tube-bending templates can be easily modified to adapt to new part requirements. By using TeamViewer connectivity software in conjunction with their Unibend CNC, Unison can also remotely access both machine and data, to help resolve issues and assist with new application requirements – often eliminating the need for a site visit.

Unison’s new service for Addison bending machines follows on from its recently launched consumable tooling service – the result of a £750,000 investment. At the heart of the service is a new consumable tooling manufacturing centre at Unison’s Scarborough headquarters. From here, fully tailored tooling agreements are prepared and around £100,000 worth of tooling, including mandrel balls and wiper dies, is held in stock for on-demand, scheduled and next-day delivery.

Mr Pickering concluded: “Through our new re-control opportunity for Addison machine owners, and our new tooling service for owners of Unison and other makes of tube bending machine, our objective is to help as many organisations as possible that are involved in tube manipulation to improve accuracy and efficiency, and to also save time and money.”

In summary, Unison’s ‘refurbish and re-control’ package for Addison machines includes: Unison’s latest servo drive platform; machine inspection and condition report, new control and drive chassis plates; replacement machine controller; updated safety PLC – complying with latest machinery standards; and new Windows 11 PC and the latest version of Unibend software.