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Cast Iron Table on machine bed. 111321
Cast Iron Table on machine bed. table top is 5.7m x 650mm base approx 4.5m longer.Price £4750.00 Plu
Cast Iron Table on machine bed. table top is 5.7m x 650mm base approx 4.5m longer.Price £4750.00 Plu...
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Norelem simplifies manufacturing with ‘smart’ products

Posted on 27 May 2024. Edited: John Hunter. Read 446 times.
Norelem simplifies manufacturing with ‘smart’ productsIn the dynamic landscape of Industry 4.0, the evolution towards ‘smart’ factories is revolutionising manufacturing processes. With the integration of intelligent machines and sensors, production facilities are transitioning towards error-free machining with the use of ‘smart’ products.

Smart products are designed to independently collect and transmit production and operating data, facilitating seamless communication between devices, and allowing for self-operation and control of the production process. This simplifies and enhances complex processes within production – and Birmingham-based Norelem offers a range of components to make the development of these products possible.

The company says smart products are indispensable for achieving error-free machining and ensuring precision and reliability throughout the production process and offers a variety of smart components tailored to various applications.

Firstly, the intelligent support bolt (02015) has a support surface of 30mm which enables precise positioning of workpieces with matching holes. Next, the force sensor (05899) for quick-release clamps enables precise control of the clamping process, ensuring perfect workpiece clamping with enhanced repeat accuracy. Lastly, the clamping strap with force sensor (04060), monitors real-time clamping force, ensuring optimal clamping performance.

Streamlined data transfer and visualisation

A selection of Norelem’s smart product components work with its Bluetooth Module. For streamlined data transfer and visualisation, Norelem’s Bluetooth Module offers wireless, compact transmission capabilities and is universally applicable to smart products. Its easy installation provides an intuitive and quick visual display of the sensor status.

Similarly, Norelem’s Gateway serves as the interface between smart products and machine control, enabling real-time recording of actuation states and precise process control. The Norelem app can be used with this for convenient monitoring of multiple tools across different machining centres and production facilities, enhancing visibility and control.

Norelem CEO Marcus Schneck said: “Smart manufacturing can optimise efficiency, productivity, and safety in manufacturing processes. Dedicated to going above and beyond the role of a manufacturer, we are proud to develop components that play a pivotal role in the development of smart products. It is fantastic to know that we are a part of the evolution towards smart factories, and we are excited to see how these progress in the future, empowering our customers to enhance their operations.”

Norelem’s smart product range represents a cornerstone in the journey towards enhanced manufacturing efficiency. By seamlessly integrating into existing workflows and enabling real-time data-driven decision-making, these products help manufacturers achieve error-free machining, optimise processes and maintain a competitive edge in the Industry 4.0 era.

Norelem will be exhibiting at Subcon 2024 taking place on 5 and 6 June at the NEC in Birmingham (stand A61).