Production control software offers real-time info

Posted on 17 Mar 2019 and read 951 times
Production control software offers real-time infoNo fewer than 17 new graphs are available for display in the latest release of Javelin production control software ( ).

Configured to provide vital information at a glance, the graphs can be displayed within the Javelin desk-top or in a new dashboard window.

New functions in Javelin 2019 R1 cover a wide variety of areas, including sales, pur-chasing, work in progress, scrap and reject, and scheduling.

Moreover, the appropriate graphs can be customised to show different time intervals, horizons, specific field values and groups.

Javelin consultant Jo Bradley says there are also options on the type of graph, such as pie, bar and column charts, gauges and text outputs.

“They give a full visual overview of how the business is running, on one screen.

"Dashboards can be set to automatically refresh with the latest data, reducing the need to go into the system and run reports. It’s all there, as soon as Javelin is launched.”

Included in the latest release is a ‘chargeable bolt-on’ that enables data to be imported from third-party software. Information such as WIP, clock in/out and stock transactions can all be accepted by Javelin to populate SQL (structured query language) tables; and in response to a number of user enquiries about storing data on Cloud-based applications, 2019 R1 has been successfully tested with Azure Cloud Services (the Javelin team is looking to work in partnership with individual customers to develop it).

Furthermore, the Work In Progress function can create new works orders from existing ones; this capability will be particularly valuable to companies manufacturing tailored products that later need to be replicated, because the
user does not need to manually retype specific works order details.

Meanwhile, with the amount of data held in Javelin constantly growing, the ‘Obsolete’ function has been extended to cover a number of additional codes, such as ‘op narratives’, non-productive codes, product groups, ‘responsibility code’, salesperson, buyers and WIP booking codes.

The Costing function now has new SQL Data Views that store the latest cost records and ensure users only print the records they need, and a new default method of handling re-order level supply has been introduced.

This improves situations where demand is dynamic by allowing multiple re-order supply dates for each part.

Meanwhile, menu maintenance has been redesigned to make it easier to see which menu permissions have been assigned to each user, and new recruits to the company can simply be added to the relevant group.

There have also been changes and additions to purchasing functions and e-mail capabilities.

Regardingthe latter, documents linked to parts can be set to automatically attach when e-mailing quotes, sales orders and purchase orders.

“Overall, Javelin 2019 R1 is all about focusing on supplying key information faster, while taking steps to increase system integration and make growing databases easier to manage.”

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