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‘Fluid solutions’ for workshop needs

Posted on 28 Jun 2019 and read 1119 times
‘Fluid solutions’ for workshop needsThe new Rocol Select product line from Leeds-based Rocol (www.rocol.com) comprises 15 products designed to accommodate most workshop fluid needs.

Included are cutting lubricants, bearing greases, chain and drive sprays, anti-seize and penetrating fluids, industrial cleaning products and sprays for a host of engineering applications.

The cutting lubricants are from the Rocol RTD brand, with RTD Liquid, RTD Compound and RTD Foamcut Spray designed for use on pillar drills, centre lathes, milling machines, bandsaws and other cutting equipment where coolant is either not available or suitable.

RTD Compound paste can be applied to tools manually with a brush, whereas the RTD Liquid is supplied in a plastic squeeze bottle and the RTD Foamcut Spray is an aerosol that can directly reach the cutting edge.

The bearing greases are Sapphire 2, Sapphire Advanced 2 and Sapphire Spray.

Suitable for lubricating and protecting bearings, slides, bushes, linkages and pins, the Spray grease and Advance 2 grease are multi-purpose solutions that are ‘fortified’ with PTFE, although the latter has properties that allow it to be used in high-speed applications such as fans and electric motors.

Sapphire 2 is a heavy-duty bearing grease.

The anti-seize products include the copper-based Rocol Anti-Seize compound and Rocol penetrating spray.

Anti-Seize is a multi-purpose solution that lubricates, protects and eases assembly and dismantling, while offering corrosion protection.

The penetrating spray acts as a release agent for corroded fasteners and seized components.

With regard to cleaning, the solvent-based industrial cleaner Rapid Dry Spray removes grease, grime, dirt and workplace contamination, while the water-based Foam Cleaner is formulated for cleaning surfaces (its foaming action extends the contact time and removes stubborn residues).

Completing the products in the Rocol Select stable are four sprays with various applications, including anti-stick long-life lubrication and wear-resistance: Dry Moly, Precision Silicone, Dry PTFE and Moisture Guard.