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New high-performance tool turret

Posted on 30 Jul 2019 and read 1020 times
New high-performance tool turret Tooling for the latest machine tools has to accommodate high speeds and high torques, which is why Metzingen-based Sauter Feinmechanik (www.sauter-feinmechanik.com) has introduced its 0.5.437.3/4xx series of DirectDrive high-performance tool turrets for turn-mill centres.

With a synchronous motor drive, these turrets offer torques up to 85Nm and rotational speeds up to 12,000rev/min.

Sauter says these DirectDrive tool turrets have been designed to combine compactness with power; and because they do not feature a gear drive mechanism, overheating is never a problem.

Indeed, they can run continuously without any need for cooling-down periods.

The turrets also feature “a highly precise locking system” with a patented end-position sensor system: a swivel motor brings the tool disc into position, after which a three-part Hirth coupling locks it with micron precision.

This configuration optimises stability and allows maximum machine performance to be used.

Moreover, thanks to their modular design, the DirectDrive tool turrets in the 0.5.437.3/4xx series are compatible with both BMT and VDI interfaces.