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AM productivity improved with new 3-D printer

Posted on 31 Dec 2019 and read 1396 times
AM productivity improved with new 3-D printer Stratasys has introduced the next generation of its full-colour multi-material PolyJet solution.

The J850 3-D printer has been designed to boost speed and productivity via greater material capacity and faster printing, while continuing the J-series’ reputation for ‘extremely high print quality and reduced time to market’.

Indeed, the company says that compared to traditional modelling, the J850 can shorten the overall modelling time by
up to 50% at significantly lower cost.

Configured for designers, the J850 offers ‘advanced settings’ that can produce concept models twice as fast as previous J-Series systems.

In addition, the J850’s (larger) seven-material capacity enables designers to print a full range of colour, transparency and flexibility combinations in a single part.

Stratasys is also introducing two new PolyJet materials. VeroUltraClear can give high-clarity and finely detailed models that are similar in appearance to glass, while VeroUltraClear can help designers to visualise internal features and create concept models that verify the design of clear parts.

Additionally, DraftGrey is a low-cost concept material formulated for fast and affordable iterations at the beginning of the design process.

Jeremy Garrard, director of design and advanced technologies at Quadpack Industries (a global manufacturer and provider of ‘enhanced packaging solutions’ for beauty brand owners and contract fillers), said: “We put design and innovation at the forefront of all our activities, and the J850 supports our quest to push the limits in terms of achieving prototypes with life-like realism.

"The application areas in which our J850 is currently deployed include prototype models to test new ideas for our Q-Line range of beauty packaging solutions and supporting our clients’ bespoke work.

"The J850’s full-colour multi-material capabilities give us unparalleled ability to quickly and easily trial new concepts and ideas, while also expediting the initial design and development phase.”

The J850 also provides Pantone Validated colour that ensures ‘reliable, realistic decision-making across every stage of the design process’.

Fully supported by GrabCAD Print software, the J850 can 3-D print directly from a user’s preferred CAD format to avoid the time and complexity associated with converting STL files.

Further details can be found at the Web site (www.stratasys.com/3d-printers/j850).