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KEB supplies parts for special-purpose machines

Machines & Controls Ltd chooses KEB drives and controllers for special purpose stone and slate cutting machines

Posted on 29 May 2020 and read 529 times
KEB supplies parts for special-purpose machinesWellingborough-based KEB (UK) Ltd (www.keb.co.uk) has supplied a variety of drives and control equipment to a UK-based machine builder for use on special-purpose cutting machines for stone tiles and roof slates. KEB provided a complete solution from a single source and provided engineering support all the way through the machine design and build process.

Based in Shropshire, Machines & Controls Ltd is a small, privately owned business which specialises in the design and build of special-purpose machines, including robotics and associated controls.

Alex Wilson, Machines & Controls managing director, said: “In 2018, we received an order for a stone façade cutting machine. The machine is a five-axis CNC sawing machine that cuts stone tiles and cladding for buildings. Around the same time, we also received an order from another customer for two special-purpose cutting machines for roof slates.”

Both types of machine required a range of drives and control equipment, so Mr Wilson conducted a thorough supplier evaluation process. He added: “In the end, I chose KEB Automation, as it was able to provide all the drives, controllers, gear motors and HMIs from a single source and was willing to provide engineering support through the machine design and build phases.”

For the five-axis stone facade cutting machine, KEB supplied four Combivert S6 drives, four servo motors, two gear motors and a Combivert F5 inverter. All the control equipment is housed in a control cabinet which has an integrated HMI touchscreen display supplied by KEB.

With dimensions of approximately 3m2 x 2m2, the machine comprises two conveyor bands with a bridge over and two 4kW-powered saw blades in the X and Y axes. As the stone is moved down the conveyor, the saw blades can be programmed to add chamfers and slots in the stone. Each saw blade has two axes of motion (up and down/in and out). The machine is fairly low speed (up to 1.5m per min), but is precise and accurate.

Two KEB gear motors drive the conveyor bands and four KEB servo motors (two per head) move the cutting heads. A KEB Combivert F5 inverter controls the two geared motors for the conveyors and the machine is totally enclosed by protective guarding. All control equipment is housed in a control cabinet with KEB touchscreen HMI.

Mr Wilson explained: “All the control programs were written by KEB using its Combivis software. This meant we had KEB’s support through the design and build stages of the project, which was really crucial for us. We delivered the machine to the customer in February 2019, who is extremely happy with it and has reported no issues at all.”

The two identical slate cutting machines, which have dimensions of around 2m2 x 1m2, are inclined at 30deg and comprise of a pair of conveyors, each driven by a KEB servo gear motor. The conveyors pass over two cutter blades, which cut the slate to size.

KEB Combivert S6 drives control the position of the upper cutting blades, with two KEB servo motors driving the cutter heads. All controls for the two machines are housed in a single control cabinet with operator control joysticks

Mr Wilson concluded: “On both machine projects, I was particularly impressed with KEB in terms of its technical capabilities and engineering support. The company has been very helpful and has always responded promptly when I have needed support on resolving any issues. I look forward to working with KEB on future machine projects.”

Compact, flexible and powerful, the Combivert S6 range of servo drives is suitable for a wide range of highly dynamic servo applications, including highly automated, safety-oriented machines. The drives provide optimal motor control in real time, integrated safety functionality and are designed in a compact, space-saving book-style format for easier mounting in control cabinets where space can be limited.

The drives are designed and built by KEB and are available in two different enclosure sizes across motor power sizes from 0.75kW up to 5.5kW or electrical currents from 2.6A to 12.0A, with overload to 250%.

The drives can be customised with a variety of design options to suit the specific application and safety functionality can be selected from three modules to suit the requirements of the machine.

In combination with its control systems and drive controllers, KEB also offers a wide range of servo motors and geared motors, including three-phase motors, servo motors, helical geared motors, shaft mounted helical geared motors, helical worm geared motors and helical bevel geared motors.