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Finishing, grinding and honing ‘in one chuck’

Posted on 02 Jun 2020 and read 797 times
Finishing, grinding and honing ‘in one chuck’With its MicroStar FGH, Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH (www.thielenhaus.com) — the German manufacturer of high-precision machine tools for surface micro-finishing — has launched a machine that combines several processes.

The company says that conventional machine tools for micro-finishing operations are usually only capable of a single process, so the workpiece to be machined has to be transported from machine to machine and constantly re-clamped.

“Normally, excellent results can be achieved in the individual operations, but it is the overall result of all the machining steps that counts. The MicroStar 285 FGH brings the finishing processes of grinding and honing together in a machine that is just 1,200mm in diameter and features an indexing table, with eight tool spindles around a central column.”

After a highly precise reference face is generated on the workpiece, all subsequent operations are carried out with the part clamped in one chuck. Very short cycle times are achieved, thanks to simultaneous processes on all stations and a table indexing time of 0.8sec.

As well as honing and grinding, other processes can be combined with finishing on the MicroStar FGH, such as power-regulated brush deburring or reaming and ‘band finish’ operations. In addition, pre-, post- and in-process measurement technology can be integrated.

The company says: “As with all machines in the MicroStar series, the technologies for power-regulated feed of the finish units (MicroSens) and guided tool set-up (EasyTilt) guarantee maximum process reliability; and thanks to modern sensor technology (ToolSens), the tool wear rate is controlled, and the feed of the workpiece spindle is correspondingly adjusted.”

In the UK, Thielenhaus machines are available from Warwickshire-based HK Technologies (www.hktechnologies.com).