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Hyundai Wia E160LMA
2014 Hyundai Wia E160LMA CNC Turning Center, Run Time: 922 Hours, Bar Capacity: 45mm, Max Turning Di
2014 Hyundai Wia E160LMA CNC Turning Center, Run Time: 922 Hours, Bar Capacity: 45mm, Max Turning Di...
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Free ‘nesting software savings calculator’

Posted on 26 Nov 2020 and read 752 times
Free ‘nesting software savings calculator’JetCAM has introduced an online tool that allows companies interested in improving the efficiency of their CADCAM/nesting process to request a free nesting benchmark comparison.

By providing DXFs of parts alongside a nest of the same parts customers can see what percentage JetCAM’s high-performance nesting could save on material compared with their existing software.

The company also highlights the fact that programming time can be drastically reduced by automating processes such as CAD import, tooling and automatic nesting, while machine runtime can also often be improved with parts being ‘common cut’ or (for lasers) using JET-Cut’s fully automatic ‘fly cutting’.

Users enter information via simple ‘sliders’, entering their annual material spend, programming hourly rate and machine hourly rate. Next, they select the estimated savings, either provided through a benchmark or their own estimations. Clicking the calculate button immediately displays an annual saving for material, programming time and machine runtime.

Martin Bailey, JetCAM’s general manager, said: “Many people struggle to estimate a return on investment when it comes to software. Our nesting benchmark comparison allow companies to quickly see how much and where they are likely to achieve savings.

“Many customers have already seen a return on their investment in months or even weeks; and as companies aim to automate and integrate in a post-Covid era it is software that will quickly allow them to do that.”

The calculator is free to access at the Web site (www.jetcam.com).