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Union BFT 130-6
Make: union
Type: horizontal-boring-mill-table-type
Model: BFT 130-6
Spindle diameter (mm): 130
Make: union Type: horizontal-boring-mill-table-type Model: BFT 130-6 Spindle diameter (mm): 130 ...
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New laser profile sensors offer measuring fields up to 290 x 300mm

Posted on 10 Dec 2021 and read 2967 times
New laser profile sensors offer measuring fields up to 290 x 300mmThe Birkenhead-based precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd has extended its ‘ScanControl 30xx’ range of laser profile sensors (laser scanners) with two larger measuring fields: in addition to the existing 25 and 50mm models, there are now 100 and 200mm versions offering measuring fields of up to 170 x 131mm and 300 x 290mm respectively.

The larger measuring fields open up greater opportunities for 2-D and 3-D profile measurements in a wide variety of industrial applications, including automation, robotics, machine building, quality control, production and process monitoring.

Micro-Epsilon has also introduced a new streamlined feature version of the ScanControl 3000 with the ScanControl 30x2 series. Based on the same next-generation platform and available with the new larger measuring fields, the sensor has a compact housing with integrated controller, allowing ‘fast integration in confined spaces’.

The ScanControl 30x2 sensor matrix offers a resolution of 1,024 points across the profile line and a maximum profile frequency of 5kHz, providing calibrated profile data with up to 5.12 million points per sec.

The ScanControl 3000 and 30x2 models are available in ‘Compact’ or ‘Smart’ versions, with either red or blue laser technology. The Compact scanners provide calibrated profile data that can be further processed on a PC with software evaluation provided by the user. Smart scanners operate autonomously and provide selected measurement values where they can measure and evaluate profile width, height, depth, edges, beads, angles, steps, gaps and roundness.

Profile measurement

The wide selection of sensor models and measuring ranges now available in the ScanControl range of laser scanners enable engineers to solve a variety of profile measurement tasks without the need for external data processing.

For more complex applications, sensors with programmable software are available; and with Micro-Epsilon’s Configuration Tools software, more than 40 measurement programs with a total of more than 90 evaluations can be accessed. The programs are transferred to the Smart sensor, which performs the measurement, evaluation and output in standalone mode.

The ScanControl range includes the ScanControl 25x0 series for high-volume OEM industrial measurement applications. Profile speed is up to 2kHz, and three measuring ranges are available — as are blue or red laser technology and a range of accessories. Meanwhile, the ScanControl 29x0 series is the only model available with a 10mm-wide profile line that offers point resolution down to 7µm.

The controller is integrated in the sensor housing, simplifying cabling arrangements and mechanical integration; and with its compact design and resolution of up to 1,280 points in the X axis, this series can be used for static, dynamic and robotics applications that require high levels of precision. Measurement speed is up to 2kHz and a blue laser option is available.

Meanwhile, the ScanControl 30x0 series provides calibrated 2-D profile data with up to 7.37 million points per second, while a profile frequency of up to 10kHz enables precise profile measurements in dynamic high-speed processes.

The sensor matrix offers a resolution of 2,048 points with an ‘ultimate point distance’ of just 12µm, enabling extremely fine details to be detected reliably. These sensors are also available with either blue or red laser diodes.