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Harrison M350 Gap bed Centre Lathe #78593
Harrison M350 Gap bed Centre Lathe
Max’ Distance Between Centres 1500mm
Max’ Swing over Bed 380mm
Harrison M350 Gap bed Centre Lathe Max’ Distance Between Centres 1500mm Max’ Swing over Bed 380mm ...
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FEIN helps Henwood Engineering simplify steam engine restoration

Posted on 06 Aug 2022 and read 855 times
FEIN helps Henwood Engineering simplify steam engine restorationCornwall-based Henwood Engineering Ltd, a ‘one stop shop’ for steam engine restoration, which restores steam traction engines from around the world at its facility in Newquay, has turned to FEIN to help simplify its processes and drive efficiency.

After completing his steam engineering apprenticeship in 2009, Sam Henwood, Henwood Engineering’s founder and managing director, took the plunge to set up on his own, quickly building a loyal customer base. Henwood Engineering, which is based in Newquay, takes derelict traction engines and completely restores them, completing all required work on everything from the boilers and mechanical elements of the engine, to the vehicle’s wheels and the paintwork. Opening its doors 13 years ago, the business now operates UK-wide as well as internationally, opening a branch in New Zealand in 2014.

Required to drill on curved surfaces, namely when restoring boilers, presented several challenges for the company’s team of engineers. In order to make a connection to the rounded surface, a secondary plate to the magnetic drilling system being used previously was required, with engineers having to manually hold it securely in place upon drilling.

This presented several issues for both end-users and the business - impacting safety, as well as efficiency and productivity, due to the time required and dangers associated with fixing/holding the secondary plate in place.

Hoping to improve efficiency within the business, Henwood Engineering connected with FEIN which delved into specific applications and processes that could be improved with the use of better tools for the job in hand.

FEIN’s team of metalworking experts recommended the AKBU 35 cordless universal magnetic core drill — a small, yet powerful, single-speed tool with forward/reverse running, MT2 tool mounting, a permanent magnet with magnetic bias, and maximum functionality for mobile working in the workshop, as well as on construction sites.

The AKBU 35’s special base configuration allows the end-user to drill on curved surfaces without the need for any additional attachments. While FEIN’s HighPower Li-ion Battery provides continuous high-power output with 75% higher current rating than a regular Li-ion battery for good work progress.

The tool’s extremely low-wear design with swivel-mounted motor cable protection hose equips it for tough use in industry and manual trades, and its added proficiency, thanks to the tool’s electronic speed setting with memory function, helps further save time.

Thanks to the AKBU 35 cordless universal magnetic core drill, Henwood Engineering has been able to considerably improve safety, while driving efficiency and boosting productivity. Key benefits include: the convenient magnetic holding force display, in addition to the extra narrow permanent magnet with magnetic bias, which mean the AKBU 35 cordless universal magnetic core drill is safer and more secure than the tool it replaces.

These features also enable the magnetic core drill to be left in position overnight/during breaks from use, making it quick, easy and efficient to pause then pick back up right where the job was left; the drill’s compact and lightweight stature, which make it less laborious for the end-user, further driving productivity while reducing the risks associated with operating heavier machines.

Improvements to efficiency and productivity thanks to the AKBU 35, have also enabled the business to increase profit margins, resulting in cheaper prices for customers and making the business more competitive in the market; and the cordless option further supports safety, by reducing the risk of tripping — particularly while the drill is magnetised.

Mr Henwood said: “The AKBU 35 has several features that make it a game-changer for us. Being able to drill on curved surfaces and leave the drill magnetised during breaks has enabled us to completely transform the way we work, while improving everything from safety to efficiency, productivity and ultimately profit margins.

“FEIN came into a very unique environment and quite a niche area of the broader metalworking sector, but provided a revolutionary yet simple solution that has enabled us to considerably progress the way we operate.”

Gavin Cartey, FEIN UK’s technical manager, said: “Upon visiting Henwood Engineering and learning about the challenges the business was previously facing, not only on improving efficiency but also safety and ultimately productivity, we recommended the AKBU 35.

“As Sam mentioned, Henwood Engineering is operating in a somewhat niche space. At FEIN, we bring our experience from working across all levels of industry sectors, together to provide practical solutions that help drive innovation and are beneficial to the way the business’ we work with operate.”