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New 3-D scanner offers unparalleled speed and accuracy

Posted on 19 Mar 2024. Edited by: John Hunter. Read 808 times.
New 3-D scanner offers unparalleled speed and accuracyMarket Harborough-based Optimax MII Ltd has introduced the eviXscan 3D WideRange 65 to the UK — a ‘revolutionary solution’ that is designed for precision quality control to measure objects spanning from 300-1,200mm. This ‘state of the art’ scanner is described as ‘a ground-breaking new tool that takes just 1.2sec to complete a single 3-D scan’. It offers unparalleled speed without compromising accuracy.

The scanner’s scanning capability of 575 x 290 x 240mm, significantly reduces the number of scans required to intricately capture the shapes and dimensions of large components. What makes the WideRange 65 stand out from the pack is its reliance on high-resolution cameras, each featuring an impressive 8.9 megapixels. The scanning point density of 54 points per mm2 ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, with an accuracy level down to 0.03mm.

Furthermore, the scanner seamlessly integrates with collaborative robots, introducing a level of automation that is indispensable on production lines where time is a critical factor. The WideRange 65 is an ideal for solution for carring out quality control, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping tasks on larger parts, minimising scans and maximising efficiency.