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Mach One enhances operations with PSL Datatrack

Investment in production software system proves to be a game-changer for precision engineering specialist

Posted on 30 Mar 2024 and read 614 times
Mach One enhances operations with PSL DatatrackAn investment in a production control software system supplied by PSL Datrack has proved to be a real game-changer for Aylsbury-based Mach One Engineering Ltd, a precision engineering specialist, helping it to overcome a number of challenges, improve organisational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Before implementing PSL Datatrack, Mach One used Excel spreadsheets to produce quotations alongside a smaller scheduling system that had been outgrown. Quoting, while functional, did not offer the professional approach that the company desired, while the scheduling system was slow, time-consuming and lacked robust traceability. PSL Datatrack, however, could offer seamless tracking with related certificates for every delivery.

Lucy Bentley, Mach One production planner, said: “The primary organisational benefit of adopting PSL Datatrack has been the integration of all sections of our business into a single, cohesive program.” This streamlined approach has eliminated the need for disjointed tools like Excel spreadsheets and the separate scheduler, resulting in improved administration and overall efficiency thanks to PSL Datatrack’s effortless navigation. She continued: “Better coordination and communication among different departments and functions has ultimately enhanced our ability to manage and administer our operations more effectively.”

Mach One boasts 14 years’ experience in the industry, offering a range of services including CNC turning and milling, manual work and in-house anodising. With a workforce of 15 dedicated employees the company adheres to ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, ensuring traceability across all of its operations. Lucy Bentley added: “This accreditation has contributed to maintaining our success in delivering high-quality precision engineering solutions. We credit our improved organisation and adherence to these standards to our partnership with PSL Datatrack.”

Complex requests

The company prides itself on its versatility in handling a wide range of projects, regardless of size, shape or quantity, without the need for additional sub-contracting. It has customers in a wide range of industrial sectors, such as X-ray system manufacturers, aerospace equipment manufacturers and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Building strong relationships with customers is a key focus and the business is dedicated to accommodating even the most complex requests to ensure client satisfaction.

Mach One operates three main sections: milling, turning and anodising. The milling department uses seven CNC machines with a range of three- to five-axis configurations. Its skilled workforce can efficiently work on these machines interchangeably thanks to the Siemens controls in place. Recently, a number of ‘state of the art’ Doosan DNM mills have been added, significantly improving manufacturing capabilities by reducing cycle times and introducing new features.

For turning, a range of equipment is available, including sliding head lathes, five-axis millturn and manual machines for simpler work. Utilisation of PSL Datatrack has allowed the business to monitor and assess all machine workloads, balancing tasks and ensuring optimal production outcomes.

The anodising section meanwhile, offers a variety of finishes, including SurTec 650, Alochrom 1200, a range of brilliant colours such as black, blue, gold, red and clear anodise as well as bead blasting.

Business growth prompted the search for a new production control software system. PSL Datatrack tailored the sales process to Mach One’s specific needs, with an initial overview demonstration to the business owners followed by a second demonstration involving key personnel, with a particular focus on scheduling and shopfloor data collection (SFDC). Various resources were shared between demonstrations to provide a comprehensive understanding of the product and its benefits.

Core modules

Mach One was drawn to the modular approach of PSL Datatrack which would enable it to grow the system in stages. PSL Datatrack comprises a series of core modules which can be extended to include a range of optional modules, providing customers with a solution scaled to suit unique business requirements without the distraction of unnecessary functions. Full training was provided upon investment and Mach One swiftly went live with the software.

In addition to the expected benefits of enhanced data tracking and system integration, Mach One has found the statistics homepage in PSL Datatrack a valuable tool. Lucy Bentley commented: “This provides a comprehensive overview of company activity and one particularly appreciated feature is the ‘delivery performance’ report.” This has allowed the company to establish monthly review sessions with a major client, strengthening the relationship between the two businesses, improving delivery performance and maintaining their custom.

Lucy Bentley also mentions that both the ‘Component’ and ‘Material Stocks’ modules within PSL Datatrack have been extremely useful, prompting the company when raising a new works order and ultimately improving workload efficiency.

PSL Datatrack has therefore played a pivotal role in enabling both the office and production teams to effectively manage the increased volume of orders Mach One are receiving. Utilisation of the system has enhanced the service offered to customers through better order tracking and, as a result, has improved customer satisfaction.

Mach One is consequently reaping the rewards of its investment in PSL Datatrack. The software has not only helped them address existing challenges but has also set the stage for further growth and success. Its modular approach and vast range of benefits has empowered the company to better serve its diverse clientele while maintaining its commitment to excellence in sub-contract precision engineering.