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Advanced digital microscope measures in stunning HD

Posted on 03 Jun 2024. Edited by: John Hunter. Read 547 times.
Advanced digital microscope measures in stunning HDThe EVO Cam Measure is an advanced high-performance digital measuring microscope created by combining the EVO Cam II digital microscope and the Dimension II software to deliver a UKAS-certified traceable calibration.

Available in the UK from Market Harborough-based Optimax Imaging Inspection & Measurement Ltd, this system delivers superb image quality to help uncover hidden details — a magnification range from 0.8-750× with full automatic focus ensures ultra-sharp images. It is optimised for quality control, testing, inspection, and on-screen measurement.

EVO Cam is designed for inspecting small components during the production process, as well as for identifying the causes of product failures and defects. It is ideal for examining printed circuit boards (PCBs) for defects, solder joints, and component placement and in the semiconductor industry for inspecting wafer surfaces and microchip structures.

Different applications include metallurgy — inspecting and analysing metal surfaces, fractures, and material properties; and forensic science for trace evidence analysis — examining hair, fibres, and other trace materials. It can also be used for document examination — analysing handwriting, ink, and paper to detect forgeries and alterations; and for applications in education and research.