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Vollmer launches new ultrasonic deburring system

Posted on 14 Jun 2024. Edited by: John Hunter. Read 1493 times.
Vollmer launches new ultrasonic deburring systemFollowing the success of the ultraTEC A25, A100 and B10 ultrasonic deburring systems, Vollmer UK) Ltd has now launched the new A25S in the UK. Setting new standards in deburring, ultraTEC is part of the Vollmer Group and it has won a string of awards for its patented ultrasonic deburring technology that only uses water.

Established in 2019, ultraTEC has taken the industry by storm with its unique technology that uses an ultrasonic horn that oscillates to generate sound waves as well as cavitation to clean and deburr external and internal edges with complete process reliability. The environmentally-friendly solution uses water to provide sharp-edged burr-free parts that often cannot be processed via alternate methods. More impressive is the use of water as opposed to chemicals, making it a viable and validatable process in a variety of industry sectors.

Perfect for small to medium-size components, the ultraTEC ultrasonic A25S creates a formation and dissolution/implosion of bubbles in the water that releases intense energy during the implosion. This is created by an ultra-high oscillation of 20kHz (20,000 oscillations a second) with an oscillation width of +/-80-120µm, which far exceeds the amplitude of ultrasonic cleaning, cutting and welding technologies.

Resonant vibration

An ultrasonic horn that is fully submerged in water is set into resonant vibration via mechanical oscillations to transmit extremely high forces into the water tank. With horn diameters from 1.2 to 17mm, the ultrasonic horn is positioned in the water tank and components are robotically moved around the ultrasonic horn that creates a cavitation jet from 250 to 270m/sec that breaks burrs from the parts.

UltrasonicThe A25 and A100 models have been extremely well received since their market introduction, however, the new A25S model builds upon this already formidable reputation and delivers a far superior experience compared to its predecessors. The new A25S takes the innovation of ultraTEC’s previous models and offers more rigidity, vibration dampening and thermal stability with a welded steel machine base filled with mineral concrete. This base creates a more robust platform, ensuring enhanced machine kinematics, component quality and repeatability.

This improved stiffness and heavier base is the foundation block for a welded steel machine frame that replaces the aluminium frame on previous models. Once again, this upgrade adds even greater levels of rigidity, thermal stability and vibration dampening than ever before. Simultaneously, the new steel frame improves operator access and ergonomics while creating a streamlined and futuristic machine appearance. This structure also incorporates a new PE500 confetti structure insulation that supersedes the previous machine insulation to yield improved noise insulation and extend machine life with its water-resistant characteristics while also using recycled and fully sustainable material.

From an automation perspective, the new A25S is available with three loading drawers as standard with the optional choice of six drawers. This upgrade gives the end user more loading capacity than ever before. This is complemented by a new drying system that offers flexible hoses with a choice of end pieces that increase flexibility and ensure water is blown from the parts before storage – resulting in lower humidity levels in the machine.

As for the deburring process that eliminates common challenges such as deformation, discolouring and changes to the oxide layer on the component, this has also been upgraded. Like the previous A25 variant, the A25S has two ultrasonic horns as standard with a third horn as an option. However, the A25S positions the horns at different angles with one horn offering height adjustment. Combined with a new water tank that requires less water, the reconfiguration allows one horn to approach holes and special features to enhance performance and increase flexibility.

Working in conjunction with the new water tank design is a new filtration system that uses filtered water as opposed to ionised water. The water is descaled and cleaned to provide a less aggressive solution that removes mechanical impurities from as small as 10µm and it can use the same water to process a multitude of different materials. This makes the ultraTEC ultrasonic A25S completely flexible.