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An increasing number of small and medium-sized manufacturing firms are buying used metalworking and woodworking machinery in an attempt to cut costs. In many cases, the cheapest way to do this is via an online auction – which is where comes in. 

Our online marketplace for used machinery is home to a vast array of manufacturing equipment. In many cases, the machines on sale have been acquired at liquidation events, while others have been sold on by successful companies who are upgrading their production lines or restructuring. Either way, buyers are able to secure quality equipment with a proven track record of efficient production. 

• What machines are available at a Surplex auction?
The buyers at Surplex are always looking for most convenient machines of the highest possible quality; whether they're new, used or in need of repair.

The available stock on the website can change from day to day, depending on what has been sourced recently. On average, approx- imately 5,000 machines are made available for purchase, and around 30 online auctions are taking place every month. specialises in metalworking and woodworking machinery used to create everything from furniture to component parts for engines. While the current selection of machines for sale can vary, the site often features presses, lathes, saws, drilling machines, milling machines and punching machines. If a buyer needs a machine to cut, press or shape metal or wood, the chances are Surplex will have it, sooner rather than later. 

• Competitive prices and an honest approach to auctions
Surplex is known for its honest approach to selling used machinery. Guide and reserve prices are always competitive, and they always try to reflect both the current condition and the market value of the item in question. By purchasing machinery at auction, smaller companies can be reasonably confident that they're getting value for money.

Surplex checks machines when time permits, and when a machine hasn't been checked, it is clearly marked as such. But when a machine has been inspected, a trustworthy description of its current condition is provided.

• Why do manufacturers use companies like Surplex?
There is often little to be gained by purchasing a new metalworking or woodworking machine — particularly for small businesses. Buying a used machine, however, can cut the cost of vital equipment by more than half, which obviously makes a huge difference to cash-flow. 

A smaller firm may only have one of each type of machine in their production facility. These companies can't afford to break the seal on a brand-new machine and discover that it hasn't been calibrated or set up properly. But by purchasing second-hand presses, drills, lathes and cutting machines at auction, they know what they're buying will have been delivering results for some time because Surplex is always honest and upfront about the current condition of the machinery it sells, the buyer doesn't have to worry about any nasty surprises. 

• What makes Surplex different?
Surplex offers machinery for sale via both auction and direct sale. The online service provided is available in 18 languages, which makes a truly global marketplace. Surplex also adopts an ethos of transparency in everything it does.

This honest and transparent approach is vital for small and medium- sized businesses that need to know exactly what they're buying. The guys at Surplex also work closely with buyers and sellers to tailor individual solutions based on the needs of their business.

• Lightening the load for business owners
Small and medium-sized companies don't usually like having cash tied up in redundant machinery. The longer it sits idle, the more it depreciates — directly affecting a company's bottom line. But finding a buyer willing to pay a competitive price takes time, and that's something very few small businesses have these days.

The team at Surplex lightens the load by managing every aspect of an auction. Everything is taken care of on behalf of the vendor, including appraisals, inventory, sales and processing. Surplex even take care of handing over the machinery to its new owner in pristine condition. 

• A wide marketing reach
The guys at Surplex have a huge amount of industry experience. They have extensive contacts in the manufacturing sector, and they know exactly how to market used machinery for sale. They will assess your situation and give you the best solution — whether that involves selling at auction or directly to manufacturing businesses. 

• A comprehensive service for buyers and sellers
Surplex offers a comprehensive service that starts with the initial contact and ends with delivery of the equipment to its new owner. Buyers are given accurate technical information about each item, up to date photos of the machine in question and, in some cases, videos too.

Wherever possible, this conscientious company also gives buyers the opportunity to see the machine in action and if you’re selling equipment, you can do so in the knowledge that Surplex will strive to get you the very best price possible.

Whether you're buying or selling used metalworking or woodworking machinery, you can expect a personalised, local service from the experts at Surplex. This is because the company based in Germany has additional offices throughout Europe, including in France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain.

There's now a major new Surplex office in London too, so UK customers can take advantage of the personal, customised service provided by this highly respected machinery specialist.

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