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Upgraded GT26 gas turbine for Uniper

Posted on 30 Apr 2019 and read 1045 times
Upgraded GT26 gas turbine for UniperGE is committed to investing in its “mature gas turbine fleets” to keep them competitive in today’s energy market-place, and it recently announced the first order for its new GT26 HE (high efficiency) gas turbine, which will be installed in Uniper’s Enfield Power Station in Greater London.

Scott Strazik, president and CEO of GE’s new Gas Power business in Baden, Switzerland (www.ge.com), said: “We are proud to launch our new GT26 HE with Uniper.

"It is the most advanced solution we have ever introduced on a GT26 gas turbine, and one of our most efficient upgrades within the F-class portfolio.

"Not only will the GT26 HE revitalise Uniper’s Enfield power plant, it will also improve the power supplier’s competitive position in the Great Britain generation market, thereby supporting its long-term profitability and viability.”

The GT26 HE also marks other GE firsts. For example: it is the first upgrade that takes the best technologies and capabilities from GE’s industry-leading F- and H-class ‘fleets’ to create a robust solution for GT26 power plant operators; and it is the first upgrade that blends both GE and Alstom’s technology and expertise across all major components of a gas turbine.

Key performance benefits include: higher efficiency for combined-cycle power plants; a 2%-plus increase in base-load efficiency, translating to as much as $4 million in fuel savings annually per unit; up to 1% increased efficiency in part load, yielding up to $1 million in fuel savings a year per unit; increased plant output from 15MW up to 55MW per unit, improving revenue opportunities; and extended inspection intervals (up to 32,000hr), reducing long-term maintenance costs.