Fast profiling — and forming at PAB

Prima Power installs first UK machine featuring the company’s own fibre laser source

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Fast profiling — and forming at PABWhen Prima Power unveiled a high-power laser source featuring fibre technology, the company said it was the world’s first laser cutting machine manufacturer to launch its own in-house developed fibre system; this is now available across its product range.

Prima Power’s laser features an optical fibre that is ‘doped’ with ytterbium and negates the need for laser gases, mirrors or moving parts, as the laser light is transferred to the cutting head via a ‘passive’ fibre cable.

The UK’s first Prima Power machine featuring the company’s own high-power laser source — a Rapido 3D laser cutter — was sold to PAB Coventry Ltd, along with a 2m Prima Power brake press.

Both were supplied by Coventry-based Prima Power UK Ltd (

PAB is a leading provider of fabrication services, offering prototype and volume production, along with project management and product design; the company also provides specialist tooling.

In addition to manufacturing parts such as panels, grills, trim and brackets for leading prestige and super-car manufacturers, the company also supplies the aerospace, defence and rail sectors with a variety of components; these include pressings, brackets and welded assemblies.

Explaining the reasons behind its latest Prima Power purchase, PAB’s CEO — Mark Brazier — said: “PAB has more than 30 years’ experience of working with metals such as stainless steel, high-strength and mild steels, aluminium and copper — plus ‘complex and exotic’ materials.

Given the demanding nature of the customers that we serve and the high standard of the fabricated parts they expect
us to deliver, we searched some years ago for an advanced laser cutting machine that could achieve the high-volume production of high-quality components.

We bought a Prima Power machine; this not only met our production requirements but also proved to be extremely reliable.

“Over the years, we continued to install additional Prima Power lasers, press brakes and other equipment.

“The recent installation of our new Rapido 3D fibre laser cutting machine marks the final piece of our three-year £3 million expansion programme.

Prima PowerDue to the growth of our business and our continued loyalty to the brand, I believe that we are now the UK’s largest user of Prima Power machines; these cover all aspects of sheet-metal working, including laser cutting, welding, drilling, punching and bending.

Moreover, the company’s common software and operating systems help to maximise staffing flexibility.”

The Prima Power Rapido 3D has a work envelope of 4,080 x 1,530 x 765mm and features a substantial synthetic-granite frame designed to ensure smooth movements — even at the highest levels of dynamic performance.

Meanwhile, the machine’s overhead retractable arm and cantilever structure arrangement ensures good accessibility; and thanks to the machine’s movable partition wall and sliding roof, the working area can be divided into two halves.

Various machine configurations and a range of accessories are also available; these include a turntable and an automatic shuttle — even a welding head can be specified.

Mr Brazier said: “The easy-to-use programming software and simple operator interface ensure fast set-ups and reduced down-time, while the 2-D and 3-D CAD/CAM software allows the rapid generation and testing of the entire cutting program.

“With the Rapido 3D fibre laser cutting machine now fully operational, it is producing impressive volumes of high-quality precise components; we have been particularly impressed by the machine’s ability to cut intricate shapes.

“Moreover, not only is our latest Prima Power laser allowing our production to keep pace with current demand, its capabilities should ensure that we are also able to keep up with future requirements.”

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