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Burcas opts for large-capacity Doosan machine

Leading specialist engineering sub-contractor invest in VMC to meet demand from the nuclear sector

Posted on 12 Dec 2020 and read 638 times
Burcas opts for large-capacity Doosan machineBirmingham-based Burcas Ltd, a specialist engineering sub-contractor, has invested in a new Doosan Mynx 9500/50 large-capacity vertical machining centre (VMC) supplied by Leamington Spa-based Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland.

The new machine, fitted with a Doosan-Fanuc control, was installed at the company’s 32,000ft2 facility in October and is being used to machine specialist tooling, prototypes and a range of high-precision components for the nuclear sector, which owing to its ‘essential’ status, has been largely unaffected by the Cornovirus lockdowns.

The Mynx 9500/50 has also been used, to a lesser extent, to machine high-precision tungsten carbide and High-Speed Steel (HSS) sheeter and slitter knives and blades for Burcas’ domestic and internationally based paper and packaging customers.

The nuclear sector has always been important to Burcas, but due to the effects of the pandemic on other industry sectors it serves, especially aerospace and oil and gas, it has become more important than ever. In fact it was the increase in demand for Burcas’ high-quality machining services from customers in the nuclear sector that was the catalyst behind the new Doosan machine tool investment.

Mike Burrows, Burcas’ owner and managing director, said: “To capitalise on the growing business opportunities in the nuclear sector we audited our existing machining capacity and capabilities at the start of the year.

“The results of the audit combined with our knowledge of the sector, including the type of components and parts required by our customers and the machinability of the materials being used for these components, highlighted a need for Burcas to strengthen its milling capabilities.

“As a consequence, we worked out the type of machine we required in terms of its size and capacity, spindle configuration and speed, as well as torque rating and then began to research the market for the ideal machine.

“Although the new Mynx 9500/50 purchase was driven almost entirely by an increase in demand from customers in the nuclear sector we never lost sight that it would also be a major machining asset for our future aerospace and oil and gas business - when both return to something resembling normality.”

Burcas’ wanted a machining centre with a larger working envelope to have the capacity to machine a wider range of larger and longer components; one with a rigid construction with a high-torque spindle, generous sized tool changer and effective swarf management system to cope with stainless steels hastelloy, titanium and exotic metals; and a first-class after-sales service — cost and availability were also a major consideration.

Having canvassed the market Burcas opted for the large-capacity Doosan Mynx 9500/50 VMC, featuring X, Y and Z travels of 2,500 x 950 x 850mm, and a large work table of 2,500 x 950mm that can accommodate parts up to 3,500kg in weight. The machine’s 16m/min rapid rates on all axes help to make it an extremely productive machine.

The Mynx is a rigidly designed and built box-guideway machine that is equipped with a powerful 22kW/10,000rev/min two-speed gear box, high-torque (452Nm) spindle, and BT50 face and taper configuration that makes it ideal for heavy duty cutting operations, long machining runs and the efficient and accurate processing of ‘difficult-to-machine’ materials.

It also features a 40-position ATC with a fast 2.5sec tool change-over time for improved productivity and flexibility, and a high-efficiency four-row screw chip disposal system that delivers improved efficiency and process reliability.

Mr Burrows continued: “The Mynx 9500/50 VMC is our first Doosan machine and since its installation it hasn’t missed a beat. The machine is versatile and reliable, and its cutting performance is impressive.

“In addition to the machine we have also been impressed with Mills CNC. From the outset it adopted a proactive role and, even a tricky installation that necessitated the craning in of the machine through the roof, was professionally managed and executed.”

Burcas, established in 1941, is a company run on sound business principles. It is committed to continuous improvement and, as part of its vision and values, “strives for perfection and 100% customer satisfaction”.

The company has, over many years, built a strong reputation in and across the many markets it serves and is renowned for the quality and accuracy of its machined products, its speed of response and ability to fulfil customers’ lead times and delivery schedules and its competitive pricing policies.

Essential to the company’s success and its ability to work across so many industries and sectors has been its progressive attitude to investing in the latest manufacturing and machining technologies.

Mr Burrows continued: “We constantly monitor and evaluate all aspects of our business. If, and when, we identify an area that needs attention or improvement we act decisively.”

In recent years this strategic outlook has seen the company invest in a number of advanced machine tools, optimise its processes and systems and integrate an effective ERP/MRP system across its operations which have all helped to improve efficiencies and increase output.

Burcas is committed to quality and, as well as having ISO 9001 and AS9100 Rev D certification, also holds a number of customer-specific approvals.

Mr Burrows concluded: “The new Mynx 9500/50 investment is another example of Burcas’ commitment to continuous improvement and of us striving to be the best we can be.”